Hilarious dogs


Here is another FAIL collection - this time we laugh at the dogs :)

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10 Feb 2011
Funtastic Collection 2.08.11
Have fun with our Funtastic Collection of random pictures of today.
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02 Aug 2011
Gabriella Holsten
This is Gabriella Holsten.She`s a Norwegian young model with a mesmerizing blonde wholesomeness. Fresh, innocent and almost wistful, she has a retro seventies vibe that is just too cool.
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29 Mar 2011
Funtastic Collection 21.11.11
Have fun with today`s random and funny photo collection.
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21 Nov 2011
8m sculpture of Marilyn Monroe in Chicago
An eight-metre tall sculpture of Monroe in her famous pose from the film The Seven Year Itch was unveiled on Chicago`s Magnificent Mile.
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18 Jul 2011
Massive Training in USSR
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14 Sep 2010
Funtastic Collection 30.03.11
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30 Mar 2011
Weather forecast in South America and Middle East
You can see the contrast in the weather forecast programs in South America and the Middle East. In South America it is presented by beautiful girls and in the Middle East the situation is quite different - probably the weather forecast is not popular among men in this part of the world.
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05 Apr 2011
Chinese Bridge swallowed Chinese truck
Chinese trucks are not compatible with Chinese roads...
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31 May 2011
Norwegian Roofs
Translated literally, torvtak is turf roof. For hundreds of years turf roofs have been popular in Norway. The advantages of turf roofs are many. They are very heavy, so they help to stabilize the house; they provide good insulation; and they are long-lasting. Special skills and materials are required to prepare the roof for the turf topping.
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13 Sep 2010
Patterns in Nature
Fascinating patterns made by nature by National Geographic.
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28 Feb 2011

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