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Here is another FAIL collection - this time we laugh at the dogs :)

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10 Feb 2011
Tropical Island Paradise Superyacht
This is the next super-yacht set to hit the world`s oceans - which comes complete with its own functioning volcano and floating tropical islands. Studio director Rob McPherson said: `The exterior was designed to give the impression of waves breaking around a volcanic island, whilst maintaining the look of a contemporary yacht design.`
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25 Jul 2011
Funtastic Collection 6.04.11
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06 Apr 2011
Rapa das Bestas - Spanish Horse Wrestling Festival
What do the Spanish do when they are not bull-fighting? They wrestle wild horses. The Rapa das bestas is an ancient festival in Galicia, Spain. This fiesta goes on for about three days starting the first Saturday of July.
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06 Jul 2011
Creative bags
Very creative shopping-bag design.
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25 Nov 2010
The Yellow River Huang He
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05 Aug 2010
Cement factory transformed into home
In 1973 Ricardo Bofill, famous architect, bought this abandoned cement factory in Barcelona and transformed it into his home and head office.
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18 Mar 2011
Funny, interesting, emotional - part 3
Funny, interesting, emotional collection of photos.
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11 Oct 2012
Funtastic Collection 25.08.11
Take a look at today`s funny and random pictures.
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25 Aug 2011
The flood in Brisbane, Australia
The Australian city of Brisbane has experienced widespread flooding. Here`s some pictures before and after the flooding.
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18 Jan 2011
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02 Sep 2010

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