Hilarious dogs


Here is another FAIL collection - this time we laugh at the dogs :)

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10 Feb 2011
Funtastic collection 17.09.12
Have fun with today`s random and funny photo collection.
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17 Sep 2012
Weird and funny people on the beach.
Funny photos of ridiculous people on the beach.
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05 Jan 2011
Funtastic Collection 12.10.11
Have fun with today`s random and funny photo collection.
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12 Oct 2011
Mark Mawson ink in water photography
Mark Mawson has been capturing these beautiful images of ink dropped into water.
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31 Mar 2011
Creative Art Sculptures by Haroshi
A Japanese wood sculptor named Haroshi is creating this amazing sculptures out of old and broken skateboard decks.
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21 Mar 2011
Oscar the traveler
The dog named Oscar was adopted from animal shelter in South Africa. He has travelled around the world with his new owners and visited more than 30 countries. The mongrel became an internet sensation after he travelled the world, stopping at iconic landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China, with his owner Joanne Lefson. Unfortunately his latest trip has ended in tragedy after he was killed by a lorry in California.
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22 Jan 2013
Megan Fox Before And After
Megan Fox before and after Photoshop beautification.
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10 Dec 2010
Landscapes created by human hands
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15 Oct 2010
Funtastic Collection 29.07.11
Have fun with our Funtastic Collection of random pictures of today.
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29 Jul 2011
Funtastic Collection 20.05.11
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20 May 2011

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