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19 Nov 2010
Old America
Interesting photos from the time of the American settlers.
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28 Jan 2011
Realistic portraits of celebrities
33 amazing portraits of famous girls.
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11 Jan 2011
Funtastic Collection 17.05.11
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17 May 2011
Carmen doing yoga
At the age of 38, she still looks great at this outfit.
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07 Mar 2011
The steepest street in the world
Baldwin Street. Over the 161.2 metre length of the top section, it climbs a vertical height of 47.22 metres, which is an average gradient of 1 in 3.41. On its steepest section the gradient is 1 in 2.86. Every year, during Dunedin's Festival, large number of athletes, including family groups, take part in social and competitive foot races to the top of the street and back. These races are known as the BALDWIN STREET GUTBUSTER. The street is named after William Baldwin.
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17 Apr 2012
The office of Nike CEO Mark Parker
Recently photographer Steve Benisty took a trip to the office of Nike CEO Mark Parker. There`s not only shoes in there, but lots of art pieces based on Nike.
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27 May 2011
Sports Kama Sutra
We can observe these poses not only in bed, but in sports as well.
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03 Dec 2010
Funtastic Collection 21.11.12
Have fun with today`s random and funny photo collection.
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21 Nov 2012
Collection 16.11.10
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16 Nov 2010
Nicely captured sport moments
Some great sports photos captured in the right moment.
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06 Jan 2011

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